Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

We exist to develop wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision

We will be a family of believers equipped and engaged to share the love of Christ in a world desperately needing Him. 

Our Values

  1. Trinity Church values sound Biblical teaching that is oriented towards grace and life application.
  2. Trinity Church values devotion to a lifestyle of praise and worship that extends beyond Sunday morning.
  3. Trinity Church values a multi-generational church family that is built on authentic relationships that seek to encourage, support, and serve one another.
  4. Trinity Church commits to move into our community and beyond by building relationships that create opportunities to share the Gospel and meet needs through service, prayer, and financial support.

To Learn More

On our podcast page, you can access the pulpit teachings, teaching outlines, and keynote presentations for each of these three statements that were delivered in a sermon series titled “Trinity Church: Her Mission, Her Vision, and Her Values.”