Home Groups

Home Groups

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Home Group FAQ’s

What is the purpose of Home Groups?
Home Groups are designed to help us share life together as a church family. Letting the gospel transform us together.

How will Home Groups accomplish this purpose?

Each group will have three objectives:
1. Gospel Hospitality—(think of a family) sharing life together, getting to know one another, sharing meals/food. Our goal is that these groups meet in the context of a home.
2. Gospel Conversation—(think of a greenhouse) each group meeting will engage God’s Word by reflecting on the past week’s sermon. A study guide will be provided.
3. Gospel Care—(think of a team) each group will pray together, and walk through the ups and downs of life together. We want group members to rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, exhort those who need it, and comfort the afflicted.

When will Home Groups meet?
Home Groups will meet throughout the week during the evenings.

How long will Home Group meetings last?
Home Group leaders are instructed to keep the meeting to 90 minutes. This will allow time for some casual conversation, engaging the Word, and praying together.

How will Home Groups be organized?
We want each Home Group to have a mix of ages and stages of life. There is great value in growing alongside people in another demographic than yourself. We will also do our best to place you in a group that is near your location geographically, on a day that you are able to meet.

If I join a Home Group, what am I committing to?
We ask Home Group members to commit for one school year. Our hope is that your group is a place that you can serve and grow alongside others over a longer period of time, but we ask for an initial commitment of one school year. Groups will meet every week, but will take a break from regular meetings for the month of December and some other holidays. Groups will shift gears for the summer, with more casual gatherings.

Will Home Groups “split” if they get too large?
Our goal is not to split a healthy Home Group. But we want to be clear—a healthy group is a MULTIPLYING group. Our hope is that over time, God will lead multiple members of each Home Group to share the Gospel Hospitality that they themselves have experienced. When a need arises for a new group to start, we trust that God will lead the right people to step up and start a new group. New Home Groups will start with a team of people who go out from a healthy group. Organic multiplication.

If you are interested in joining a Home Group, Click here .