Ministry Partners

Trinity Church’s Ministry Partners are faith-based organizations that we support as a church through our service and our finances. These vital ministries are actively involved in helping Trinity Church reach her own Mission and Vision in our local community as well as the world around us. As such, these ministries are endorsed by Trinity Church and we present them to you for your possible support and service opportunities.


GlobalFingerprints is the child sponsorship ministry of ReachGlobal. We partner with national churches around the world to send children to school and help care for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

No Heart Left Behind

No Heart Left Behind has been serving Southeast Louisiana and beyond since 2006. As an educator, Abby Shields witnessed first-hand the tragic effects of wounded families and felt called to leave education and help fight the injustices against children and families. With God’s direction and an obedient heart, Abby  formed the NHLB foundation. The mission of NHLB is to bring hope and healing to a hurting world one heart at a time through the Word of God and the love of Christ. We look to do this through three main facets of ministry: counseling, the care ministry, and retreats and conferences.

ReachGlobal - Crisis Response

Crises offer unique opportunities for compassionate outreach, evangelism and discipleship.

Helping EFCA churches and ReachGlobal partners prepare for and respond to disasters in their communities and around the world. Crisis response is effective missions.

The Samaritan Center

The Samaritan Center is a Christian organization offering emergency assistance with food for those in our community who are in need.

Limited assistance for utilities, rent/mortgage, transportation, & medicines may be provided in some circumstances.

It is our hope that with God’s grace we may be able to assist you on your path back to self-sufficiency.