Wedding Packet

STEP 2 - Complete the Premarital Preparation Profile (one for each person)
STEP 3 - Complete the assessment tool “Prepare”
STEP 4 - Complete the premarital counseling assignments
STEP 5 - Complete the wedding ceremony planning with the officiating

Officiant’s contact information (if officiant is outside of Trinity Church)

ex 123-456-7890

Officiants outside of Trinity Church must be approved by Trinity Church at the time of booking the

ex 123-456-7890
ex 123-456-7890
Principles: To be asked to perform a wedding under the auspices of Trinity Church is a great honor and privilege, but there are several principles to which you must agree before we can adequately lay a foundation for your marriage and officiate at your wedding. Please read through each of the six principles listed below and then briefly explain whether or not you are in compliance and how.

1.Both of you must be Christians by having clearly placed your trust in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ for your eternal relationship with God – 2 Corinthians 6:14.

2.At least one of you must be actively involved in the life of Trinity Church.

3.There must be parental approval from both sets of your parents for the marriage, except in highly unusual circumstances.

4.There must be sexual purity between you in order to be obedient to God and honor the one-flesh relationship between husband and wife. Sexual purity involves abstinence from sexual intercourse, "living together", and any expression of affection that is outside biblical guidelines. If sexual purity has not been maintained, you are expected to seek God's forgiveness by confession (1 John 1:9), ask for and grant forgiveness to one another, and make a mutual commitment to remain sexually pure.

5.There must be a mutual commitment to build a Christian home, where Jesus Christ is Lord over every area of the relationship, rather than simply "getting married". Our commitment is to help you establish a foundation for a Christian home rather than just provide a wedding service.

6.Due to the sanctity of the estate of marriage according to the Word of God, the policy of Trinity Church is not to marry a person who has been divorced, unless you explain your biblical right to remarry. If you have a question about your right to remarry, we have books available for your study.

By clicking submit, you both have carefully read over the entire policy and are committed to completing premarital counseling prior to your wedding day.